Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Pronger madness!

Dude, The Pronger is everywhere this week! He's hanging with kids from the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation, he's signing big money multi-year contracts, he's all up in your face in his gay orange Flyers jersey. Wait, what?

Yesterday, Rod sent me a link to the NHL shop for the Pronger t-shirt. It was available in all sizes. Today, all the L and XL are sold out. What does that tell us? It tells us that all the babies that are whining about how much we gave up by losing Lupul and a coupla draft picks love The Pronger anyhow. Either that, or there was a mis-print on the NHL shop site.

My biggest fear of The Pronger signing? That I will grow to hate him. It's much easier to love a player when he's on the west coast, and you catch a few games a year. But when he's on my tv, accidentally putting the puck behind Emery, I'm gonna start to hate him.

A few years ago, when Briere played for Buffalo, I always secretly (okay, not so secretly) wanted him to be a Flyer. And then he was. But he was never as good as a Flyer as he was as a Sabre. As a Sabre, he was BRIERE. A superstar. One of those big players that played for other teams. Once he was ours, it was like meh. I really don't want that to happen with The Pronger. I've loved watching this guy play since my first playoff run back in 2006 when he was with Edmonton. I have an Edmonton conference championship hat, for crying out loud! Shutup, you know I've only been watching hockey for 3 years.

Please don't make me hate The Pronger.

By the way, I don't much mind The Pronger in his white tee. I honestly don't understand why the ladies don't swoon for him!

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  1. All this Pronger love on this site is starting to make me like him, and not in a good way! hahaha.
    But seriously, you should be happy b/c now from your seat you can watch him from behind for the next 7 years!