Friday, May 30, 2008

Buy this for me...

Okay, without a lot of hockey going on, I get bored and want to spend money on stuff. Check out reload bags, where they will pretty much custom make you a sweeeet Flyers bag. Nice!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gary Roberts is dead to me...

Look, I love douchey players (see Pronger, Chris and the entire Flyers organization.) But Roberts' hit on Franzen tonight was just plain cheap, dirty and disrespectful. Sorry Gary, but it's over between us. (Also, upon further review, the Mule may have embellished a bit, but it is still a douche move by Roberts...)

I didn't get to watch game one due to work, so last night was my first encounter with this series. I really enjoyed the first period, with two exciting goals crushing the Pens little spirits. I even enjoyed the second, as Detroit's dominance continued. I marveled at their team: everyone seemed to be in the right place at the right time, and hockey looked effortless and easy.

I think it was about midway through the second when I realized that what everyone's been saying is true: this was boring! I was able to overlook this boring-ness for the first period and a half, since the Pens were getting crushed and that made me happy. It's sad that the biggest excitement of the game came near the end of the second when Lilia fell and gave the Pens their best opportunity of the game. But alas, they didn't capitalize on it, and we went back to the Wings just doing their thing.

Also, I would like to say: yeah Osgood did some diving, for sure. But to hear Pens fans complain about diving is just about the funniest thing I have ever heard. Really? You have the captain of the diving team playing for you, so I guess you know a good dive when you see one!

And really, if boring games are what it takes for the Pens to get ousted, I'm all for it. Go Wings Go!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You gotta check this out...

Everyone reacts to playoff elimination differently. Jess and Soph over at Slightly Saucy have apparently not taken it well, and are hitting the bottle pretty hard. How else to describe this post??

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Blame Game

While others are writing glowing reviews about the Flyers and their deep playoff run, I'd like to take a few minutes to point some fingers.

Who is to blame for the crap series against the Pens?

1. The Flyers marketing staff. People, "Vengeance Now" was a great playoff slogan. Other fans hated it, and hated us for it. Changing your slogan to "Why Not Us?" in the middle of a playoff run is just asking for trouble. The hockey gods couldn't resist. Who can forget the irony of the white trash looking Flyers fan and her young son standing around stunned after Game 3? Sheesh!

2. Me. Yeah I know, pretty egotistical, but I have the photographic evidence to prove it. Remember that road trip I took to the burgh back in early April? Well, I was muy impressed by the Pens store. Seriously! They had so much stuff! Every player you could imagine! And cute little stuffed animals that I could kick around. So yeah, I may have purchased some Pens stuff.

I know you won't believe me, but I've been thinking for some time that the Pens were going to win the Cup this year. And I really never thought the Flyers were gonna make the playoffs, let alone have to face the Pens in the Eastern Conference Finals. So, at the time, there seemed to be little harm in buying a few harmless souvenirs.

However, after we lost that game on April 2nd to the Pens, and struggled mightily in the last 2 games of the season, this Pens stuff got shoved away in a place and sort of forgotten. Not really though, I've always known it was there, waiting for me and taunting me.

Sorry, it's all my fault. But the marketing department really effed it up too!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flyers Lose...I can finally wash my lucky underwear!

Marty doing his Robert Esche impression(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

My coworkers will be happy about the Flyers loss, since I've been wearing underwear that hasn't been washed since Friday April 4th!

(um, I'm kidding. Really, I am!)

Good luck Pens! Heh.

Friday, May 16, 2008

At least we played a better game...

Wait. What? They won? Oh sorry, I passed out after that 2nd Pens goal and just regained consciousness.

Seriously, I'm just not made for playoff hockey. Too stressful!

A few things:

1. Settle down, it's just one game.

2. It's hilarious to see Pens fans in a bit of a tizzy. See what happens when you bring out the brooms and EC champion hats? Having been raised as a Red Sox fan, I know never to bring out the champagne til it's over. Otherwise Bill Buckner will fuck you up good.

3. Timonen and Coburn possible for Sunday?

4. Two days off certainly doesn't work in our favor (except if it enables Kimmo and Coby to come back)

5. I learned a new penalty last night....clipping!

6. I don't understand why a Pen was able to rough Upshall and not get a penalty. I'm gonna have to watch the replay and see if there was something I missed.

7. They gave out the best T-shirts yet tonight: "Megadeth Security" on the back. Nice!

8. Enjoy this picture of Mar-ty...Mar-ty...Mar-ty...Mar-ty

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear Flyers,

Please watch how the Stars played last night and try to do that.




(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Well that was gruesome. Quite possibly the worst I've seen them play since last season!

I'm torn between wanting to lose on Thursday to put us out of our misery, or at least winning that one so we don't have to watch them celebrate in our house. Tough call.

The post game rubdown:

1. Settle down, it's just one game.

2. Even though the score was 2-1 for most of the game, it felt like an insurmountable lead.

3. Kudos to the Pens for banging their sticks during the tribute to fallen Philly police officer Sgt. Steven Liczbinski. That was very classy.

4. Can we make a pass to someone on our team?

5. You can't tell me that wasn't a dive. He took a full 2 beats before he fell.

6. There was a crazy altercation in our section right after the game. Dumb Flyers fan running up the stairs to hit the beer out of a Pens fans' hand, then almost falling and crushing the security guy. It was the best part of the game for me.

7. I don't mind when we lose, I just hate when we suck doing it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Crybaby Crosby

Yep, he's in the oven.

I don't really have anything to say about Crosby. It's just that when you google crybaby crosby, I was the second link instead of the first, so I'm just trying to get back into first place. I might throw in a "Crosby Sucks" here just to see if I can get higher on that google results page too.

I had to work during Sunday's game, so I don't have much to say that hasn't already been said: tough to lose Coburn, 50 stitches, goal/no goal, blahblahblah. We all know what needs to happen tonight.

See ya there!

Less of these please!

(it's a turnover)

Friday, May 9, 2008


Wipe that smile off your face or I'll do it for you!!!

Well that was totally gruesome. Not much to say about this one. Six days off certainly didn't help us any, that's for sure. I can only take consolation in the fact that we have lost the first game of the last two series and gone on to win the series, so hopefully this is just us sticking with what works.

Postgame Rubdown:

1. Settle down, it's just one game.

2. Marty, please don't try and play the puck. It worked well in the first two series, but I'm not feeling it for you this series.

3. We played like we played during our bad stretches during the regular season. This must stop immediately.

4. At least the officiating wasn't retarded.

5. I really don't have much else to say, since I am busy throwing up from anger and disgust.

And yes, I am posting this even before the game ends.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A night without hockey?

Sheesh. I don't know what to do with myself without hockey. I watch a game every night, whether or not the Flyers are playing, and with 3 nights off, I'm realizing how much lame crap is on regular television. Yuck.

Anyhow, above is a picture of Crybaby Crosby looking his very whiniest, from the game on 12/11/ of my favorite games of the season. Sadly, it is one of two games that my tivo ate, so if anyone out there has a copy, let me know. I would loooove to see it again!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Crosby Sucks!

[ pegleggedpete ]

I'm not sure if I'm ready to jump into the dark world of evil photoshops, but oh well, it's the Pens, so what can I do?

And get it? Crosby sucks? See what he did there?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's on!

(This is me kicking Iceburgh mercilessly!)

I'm probably more excited than I should be about heading to the ECF against the Pens. Nah. I know that no matter what the outcome is, several things will happen:

* I will hate Sidney Crosby more than I do today, and that makes me happy!

* This is going to be a series for the ages

* Someone could get killed! This thing is going to be bloody for sure!

* I will get to explore my new found dislike of Pens fans. I never really had a problem with them until I went to the Igloo. The growing arrogance of the Pens fans over the last few weeks has really started to irritate me, and with as much as they hate Flyers fans, this should be a lot of fun. Heh.

* I am going to have fun with my stuffed Iceburgh. I feel kinda bad for him, since he never stops smiling no matter how much I abuse him. Oh well, sucks to be him!

Okay, that picture makes me feel a little bad

(Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images)

Well that game provided its fair share of heart attacks! I didn't want to watch the third period, but I figured I owed it to the guys to hang in there. My only regret is that I didn't make the trek to Montreal. You know you have a hockey addiction when people at work assume you are making the trip to Montreal to see the game! Anyhow, here is the postgame rubdown:

1. Settle down, its just one game.

2. I really like the Habs and their fans. Our teams and fanbase are similar in many ways, and it's sad to see a worthy competitor eliminated.

3. I need the Pens/Rangers series to either end on Sunday or go a full 7 games. My work schedule is not very flexible this week, and there are some days that don't work for me at all. Cmon guys, help a sister out. Please?!?!

4. You have to check out this page at TSN. Scroll down to the picture of Briere they use...much bias against him? Nah. He just looks like a scared elf, that's all!

5. Blog pimping: The playoffs have been a great time to get to know some new blogs, so be sure to check out k-mart over at Stuart Scott's Eye. Also, CuseAdelphia posts occasionally on the Flyers, as does The 700 Level. And Flyers Fan Central has a great new look, with RSS feeds from most of the Flyers blogs. If I forgot anyone, let me know and I'll give a shout out. Oooh, also check out Will We Ever Win?

6. Please stop using the word schadenfreude.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Say farewell to my favorite Hab until next season...


I'm not gonna lie...there were tears after Upshall's goal.

Too stunned to write...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flyers continue to provide free heart attacks

Well, it was another nail biter at the Wachovia Center. I didn't much like the 2nd period, since I was sitting behind the goal, and it seemed like the Habs were in our zone the entire period. I haven't watched the game yet (gotta watch the game after you go to the game, since from down that low you can't really tell what the hell is going on) but I'm glad I went. That place was insane for those final two minutes!

And now, the post game rubdown:

1. Settle down, it's just one game.

2. Who do you start now?

3. Dear Vinny: Yes, you had two assists, but you still look like you're pissed to be in the second round. Don't worry, you will still get a vacation this year, you may just need to change the reservation.

4. Welcome back Knuble! Looking good out there!

5. I really don't have much of anything else...yesterday was a long day and I have to be to work in an hour so I gotta get my ass in gear.

Don't forget to watch the Pens sweep the Rangers tonight!