Friday, October 24, 2008

Flyers/Devils preview and recap

Instead of actually watching the game tonight, I am going to bang my head against a wall for 2 hours, and then write down a score that includes the number zero.

I think that pretty much sums it up, eh?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nothing witty to say today

Not that I really having anything witty to say anyhow, but today is particularly bad.

Last night, the Tampa Bay Lightning won their first game, leaving the Flyers as the only winless team in the NHL. We have a sad two points as we head into tonight's game with the Sharks, who only have one loss. Our record against the Sharks does not bode well for us either.

Oh well, no big deal, since the Phillies play game one of the World Series tonight, and it's like this game doesn't exist for most Philly Sports Fans anyhow.

I know I should be more worried about this terrible start, but I'm really not. It's still very early in the season and I am still hopeful that the team will get their shit together. The way I figure it, I've already been through "our worst season ever" and if I can make it through that, then I can make it through this.

Still, a win tonight would be nice. But that would mean the Phillies have to lose, so I guess we'll have to take one for the team...

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Law of Philly Sports

Over the past few years, I've noticed that (in general) only one Philly sports team can win at a time. So, if the Phillies and Flyers are playing on the same day, one team will win, and one team will lose.

This does not bode well for Flyers fans as the Phillies head into the World Series. It seems that the Law of Philly Sports has created some sort of crazy vortex where the Flyers will not be able to win until the World Series is over.

The last possible game for the Series is October 30th. That means our potential first win could come on November 2nd versus the Oilers.

It's gonna be a long month.

On a serious note: will John Stevens be able to survive this losing streak? I know he has been with the organization for awhile and had a great year last year, but I worry. The cool thing to do in the NHL is to fire your coach when you lose 6 games in a row at the beginning of the season. Can he make it? Who will make it longer, Barry Melrose or John Stevens?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

two minutes for forgetting about the game...

Holy jeez. Work this last week has been trying to kill me, so much so that I forgot there was a game tonight.

Okay, let's just take a second and think about that. I FORGOT THAT THERE WAS A GAME VERSUS OUR ARCH NEMESIS!

I worked yesterday and went to the game. I worked today and have to go to work later tonight and then go back again in the morning. I planned on catching some zzzzzzzs from 6-10, when I suddenly realized there was a game at 7:30. I collapsed to my knees in despair, because I really needed that nap!

I can't believe it. Bad Kristin, bad!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flyers fans boo Palin...

So the audio on this is a little different than the one you'll hear on the broadcast. This is from my seat in 223. The booing was immediate and loud, but eventually gets drowned out by the EXTRA LOUD MUSIC they played to drown out the booing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A few random grumblings...

*, your new interface sucks. It looks pretty, but damn if I can figure out where the hell to find stuff.

*Brian Engblom cut his hair. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. It looks better, yet weirder somehow. Thanks to Puck Daddy for the pic. I was totally gonna screen cap it myself, but damn if I'm too lazy.

*How many fantasy hockey teams is too many? Why do all my fantasy hockey teams have crap goalies?

*Why haven't I seen any of these "Is this the year?" commercials that everyone is yapping about?

*Why does Ed Snider look more and more like George Hamilton in "Love at First Bite"? Anyone who has seen the commemorative ticket from the Phantoms/Flyers game knows what I'm talking about.

*I hope that Saturday's game will not be overshadowed by political bullshit.

*Why don't I know any of the players numbers for this season? I got some studying to do!

*If Pat Maroon is gonna be with the Phantoms all year, I may have to make a few trips over to the Spectrum. Sign me up now for the jersey auctions.

I guess that's all for now. See you Saturday!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dear Steve,

Please don't go to any regular season Caps/Flyers games.



Thursday, October 2, 2008

Flyers are starting to scare me...

Sorry guys, the last week has been pretty brutal between work, games, and fantasy drafts. Plus, I've been stuffing my face with Oreo Double Stuffs and haven't wanted to get chocolate crumbs on the keyboard.

You may recall that I referred to last Tuesday's game as reminiscent of Mites On Ice. Well, I've been to two games since then, and the Flyers have been much improved in those last two outings.

Saturday's game at the Spectrum was interesting. The guys did a tremendous job of getting the puck out of their own end. Once they got it into the offensive zone though, they had some trouble. It was sorta like they had only worked on their defensive system all week, but hadn't thought much about scoring. But still, seeing them get the puck out was very comforting.

This week, we had a game at the Wachovia Center (thank god, the Spectrum just isn't built to handle those crowds!!!) against the Capitals. The Caps looked amazing...they came out with a ton of speed and put a lot of pressure on the Flyers. They looked pretty dominant for most of the first period. Eventually though, the Flyers got into a groove and started working their system.

I got a little scared during the Caps game, because I realized that this Flyers team has the potential to be good. Like scary good. Richards is unfreakingbelievable out there, and the rest of the team is definitely following his lead. You know I'm not on the Richards bandwagon, but he really does it all out there.

The reason I was scared when I realized how good this team could be is because I am such a negative fan. I don't want to think that we can be good. I don't like to think that winning is possible. It is so much easier to be that annoying fan who only has negative things to say about the team. When people say, "Hey, great win last night!!!" I say, "Yeah, but it was against the Islanders..."

My goal this year is to enjoy the ride. It's a long season with a lot of ups and downs, and I want to look back and say I had a good time.

We'll see how long this positive attitude lasts. I give it until the first Devils game!