Friday, November 30, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Can't someone find me an example of another hit like this from this season? This is getting to be a bit much...

Hartnell suspended for two games...

hell yeah and oof...

So yesterday around noon I decided to get tickets for the Bruins game. Rod kinda wanted to get a Briere bobblehead, and I felt kinda guilty for never taking him to any games. I went online to see what tickets they had, and lo and behold, ended up in the second row of section 115. I love when that happens.

The rain and fog made my drive their particularly slow, so by the time we got there, it was 6:20! My precious gameday routine of get there early and get drunk was in jeopardy of being ruined! Only 10 minutes until they come out for warmups! Luckily for me, section 115 is right outside the bar. Really, you walk out of the bar, and there is 115. This would prove to be bad for me.

We head down to the seats for warmups. Section 115 is where most of the kids congregate with their "briere give me a puck please pretty please" signs and since we got there so late, the first row is pretty packed. Rod takes out his camera, and realizes he has left his long lens at home. So he is now at the Flyers game in the second row with a fisheye lens and a 17-35. Great. I take a few shots with my camera, and then give him my lens to use. I say, "You can use it, but you have to take lots of pictures of Gator." Now that I have his tiny lens on my camera, I pretty much give up on shooting, and can focus on drinking. This would prove to be bad for me.

By 7:15, I have 4 margaritas. And sadly, because the barkeeps at the bar are starting to recognize me, they are not your standard fare margaritas. I end up having 6, which is probably the equivalent of 8, and man am I feeling it today. One good thing about not bringing Rod to the games is that I know I have to pace myself and cut myself off. With him there, I can just keep drinking and hand him the keys. (This time and time again proves to be bad for me and my liver).

So that's it. I guess there was a game, although sadly I was either in the bar or the ladies room for most of the time.

I gotta stop drinking so many margaritas. It is really interfering with my hockey!

Oh and Nadine, they listened to you....they gave us the bobbleheads on the way out!!!

(and then I went to fangear and did some drunk shopping. there is a funny picture of me accosting the Smith jersey. If Rod ever lets me have it, I will post it here...)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hell Yeah, and consistently inconsistent

Well, I decided to watch the game. I really only half watched it, as I was making dinner for the first period, and shopping online for another new lens for the Stalkercam 80000000. All I can say is that I wish the team that played tonight would show up more often. They are, to use one of my favorite phrases, consistently inconsistent.

Notes from the game:

  • During the pregame, we learn that the Sens had an optional skate today...and nobody skated!!! See, I told you they don't take (perceived) basement dwellers seriously! I also learn that Gerber is in goal. Oh well, I guess we don't stand a chance now, even if nobody skated today.

  • Also, Nitty is in goal, which doesn't even scare me. Hmm. Weird.

  • Ack! I see that Gator shaved! I hate when he does that. Luckily, he has so much testosterone that by the end of the first period he has a five o'clock shadow, and by the end of the game he is sufficiently scruffed up again. Honest, I am not exaggerating here, check the tape!

  • Heatley takes revenge on me for all the trash talking I do about him by scoring a crazy sick goal...

  • Holy shit! The shot count at the end of period one is 16-9 in favor of the Flyers. Whoa. Something is wrong here, since 16 is usually our total for the entire game. What happened to get the goalie cold guys?

  • Wait, they're pulling Gerber? Aw, cmon. This guy has been outstanding. Actually, goaltending from both teams was amazing.

  • Umberger has a weird goal celebration technique.

Um, that's pretty much it. A pretty great, fast paced game. Stevens must have really chewed these guys out on Friday!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

To watch or not to watch...

Yikes. As Katebits over at The Willful Caboose pointed out last week, the Sens are scary. I'm not so sure I want to watch the game tonight. Truthfully, I have "watched" the last two games while sleeping.

On Wednesday, in celebration of Thanksgiving being over (trust me, it was over on Wednesday for me) I cracked open a 30 dollar bottle of wine to chug while watching the Canes game. Well, a glass and a half in, I felt "sleepy" and decided to lay down to watch the rest of the game. I woke up just in time to hear lil Briere getting the hat trick.

On Saturday, I rushed home from work to watch the Caps game. Knowing that I might be headed to a Phantoms game that night, and trying to recover from drinking the rest of that 30 dollar bottle of wine on Thursday night, I decided the best way to watch the game would be by laying down on the couch again. With a blanket. I woke up just in time to hear the guys tie it up and give it away to Ovechkin in OT. (Ovie, I love you but for this I might be angry at you for a while. Okay, I am over it, I love you again...)

So then there is tonight's game vs. the scary Senators. It's possible the Flyers could win it/put up a good fight for a couple of reasons:

1) The Sens don't seem to put any effort in when they know they are playing a basement dweller (see Caps, Sabres, Maple Leafs). (And yes, I know we are not basement dwellers, but I feel that the Sens will still look down on us and not prepare for the game. I mean, all they have to do is pull tape from our first Rangers game or any of our Devils games and I bet they don't even come out for warmups!)

2) The Flyers tend to do okay after a loss/getting their asses reamed by Stevens after a loss.

So we'll see. Maybe I'll take a nap and see what happens...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dear Hockey,

Thanks for being there for me these past few weeks. You're the only reason I made it through the craziness. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, you are there to pick me up. Also, thanks to your friends alcohol, caffiene and sometimes nicotine. Keep up the good work!




Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm gonna be honest here...the only thing that got me through this game was watching Gator. (even if he was a -2)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hell yeah I'll take the point!

So I don't want to say the reason the Flyers lost tonight was because Nadine wasn't there, was the first home game she didn't attend! Coincidence? We'll see on Saturday. We'll also see if Nadine's non jinx powers can overcome my severe Devils game jinxing powers. Keep your fingers crossed.

Other than the suckfest which was the first half of the second period, last night's game was pretty great. These guys stayed in the game, and didn't give up like they sometimes do. Shot count through the second period was a little disturbing, but they made up for it a little in the third. I also love that scoring continues to come from unexpected guys...

Congrats to Tolpeko on his first NHL goal. I got to see Denis a lot last year during my stint in the minors, and he is a fantastic player, and funny too. Those crazy Russians!

I don't have much more to say...I'm in the thick of things at work and that is consuming most of my brainpower.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I gotta stop drinking so many margaritas!

Carts: Dude, Richie is totally going to lead the team in points after tonight.
Lupes: OMG, be quiet...tiny!briere is right there!

Great game yesterday. Nadine was entertaining and informative as usual. I am worried about Thursday's game vs. the Rangers, since this will be the first home game Nadine is going to miss. Hopefully she will save all of her lucky energy to combat my Devils jinx for Saturday night. We will be in row 1 right behind the net, so be sure to look for us. I will be the one heckling Broduer. (Just kidding!) (Well, not really...)

For me, the best part of the game was during the warmups when a puck got stuck in the net and was unable to be dislodged. Pure gold. Poor Kooky on netbitch duty...

That's all I got, the rita haze has clouded everything else! Check out Nadine's blog if you want an actual recap...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hell yeah, and the funniest blog you're not reading

Okay, good game tonight (I is hard to tell with 3 margaritas in you and Teka sitting next to you). The Cingular Wireless Pavillion at the Wachovia Center has the greatest, most efficient bartenders. I didn't miss a minute of the action tonight thanks to them.

Teka got some great pictures. Me, not so much. I got a lot of pictures, but only about 5 of them are decent. So my percentage is the end of the season I may get 10 pictures out of 200. The worst part was when I was going through them tonight with Rod as my obvious *ahem* attention to Jason Smith was a tad uncomfortable. I would say 60 percent of the pictures include him in some way. Including the ones of Gator stretching, which were supposed to be for my eyes only. Oops! Oh well.

Some other highlights:

  • "Crozzzzzzzzzzz-beeeeeee, Crozzzzzzzzzzzzzz-beeeeee, Crozzzzzzzzzzzzz-beeee" after number 87 embellished a bit while looking to (unsuccessfully) draw a penalty. We decided that in Sid's RBK commercial, he should say, "In this jersey, I pledge: to whine and cry every chance I get." Man, I knew he had a rep as an embellisher/whiner, but sheesh, tonight was bad. He should get an academy award.

  • A big eff you to the guy in front of me who lost his camera and then commandeered Teka's camera to take pics of his kid on the ice during the anthem. Really? Get yer damn paws off her camera! Also, get yer head out of all my damn pictures!

  • Teka almost dropping the gloves with a girl who checked her in the ladies room. Yikes!

On a non-game related note: please check out the funniest blog out there...Flyers Goal Scored By... Ryan is either really funny or really sick (or I am really dense...I am a Flyers fan, so it sorta goes without saying...)

Also, this is an open invitation to Ryan...Nadine and I will be at Saturday's game vs. the Diablos. Get yourself a ticket and come on down...we'll even let you sit in row 1 right behind the can heckle Brodeur!!!
Look, you could be this close to the net!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The big day!

Are you ready?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Are you kidding me?

14 Shots on Goal?!!???

See Steph, he's totally fine!

And looking right at me! (Which made me and my camera unable to catch a non-blurry picture of him.) Click on it to enlarge and you will see his eye is fine! Really!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Next four days are gonna kill me. I can handle a loss in PGH as long as we win at home. And the Devils? Yeah, we need to win that one too.

My brain is not working right now, as work is completely taking over my body and brain for the next 6 weeks..or is it 8 weeks? Anyhow, I won't be right again until after the New Year.

I'm off for a nap so I can be ready for the game...

For your enjoyment, a picture from Sunday's practice...

all in a row (minus jones)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

got it....

Friday, November 2, 2007

Four down, four to go....

(or, Briere, you made the right choice)

Well this road trip so far has proved to be quite a test for the boys. They have been outshot 3571 to 122 and have lost Hatcher for 4 weeks and Jones for two games.

Last night's game was shades of the Panthers game, except instead of the panther roaring sound effect, we got the booing Briere sound effect. Really Montreal? He was a free agent who didn't sign with you. That's it. There was no offer sheet, no contract...just talk that you were one of his potential teams. Every single time he touches the puck he gets booed? Wow. You really are a bunch of douchebags. I have to give you points for sticking with it for the entire game...

During the first period, the guys tried using the "get him cold" strategy by getting two shots on goal in the first 11 minutes. Hey, it worked against Brodeur, why not try it on this Huet guy? They were able to maintain this strategy with a total of 19 SOG to Montreal's 541. I am sure Marty was trilled about that.

Some other observations:

  • When Hartnell breaks his Flyers scoring cherry, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with. You heard it here first.

  • Nice tripping call on Briere! Get some glasses ref!

  • The Flyers looked sooooooooo sloooooooow tonight. Lead skates again.

  • My new in game rallying cry is "What this game needs is a dirty hit." This replaces the ever popular, "score, bitches!"

Oooh, I almost forgot about Smith and the stick to his face. First, yikes....not fun to see him laid out on the ice hyperventilating and trying not to cry. Second, thank goodness it wasn't his eye (although it was close enough to cause his eye to look scary). Third, cmon, that dude is amazing...he didn't even miss a shift! He deserves extra bacon for breakfast this week!

Not hopeful for tonight's game...

Happy Birthday, Gator!

(bruce bennett getty images)

I should have known you were a Scorpio!

After I find the picture of you covered in blood from last night's game (that doesn't have the NHL logo plastered over it), I will post it here.