Monday, June 8, 2009

Bad blogger, bad blogger!

I needed something to do with all my free time and money now that hockey season is over. I thought it would be fun to take a couple of summer classes. Boy was I wrong. I spent all day Saturday and Sunday reading and writing about the ancient Romans. No time for Metal Mania, Steve! I did get to watch part of the Wings/Pens game. My favorite part was when Fleury got pulled. I didn't even know who the Pens' backup goalie was at this point in the season. Garon? Really? Her?

Anyhow, its nose back to the grindstone for me, but let's just check out Steve's suggestion to check out the top 100 Hard Rock songs......OH NO! Oh dear. I kinda don't love GNR. But mostly because their songs are SUCH earworms. Just looking at the title of the song will keep it in my head for days. Anyhoo, here is number one:


  1. Hahaha, true! But, how you can you disagree that this isn't the Hard Rockinest song?!?! One of only a few songs that can change my mood for the better in a matter of seconds! And what hockey arena wouldn't be more fun if it'd adopt 'Welcome to the Jungle' as their theme song and arena atmosphere. Even better than the Caps "Unleash the Fury!"

  2. Aren't classes such a fun idea in theory and yet so life-consuming in practice? Bah.

    Glad to see your Metal Mania-esque musings are back! I personally love "Welcome to the Jungle" and, even though Soph and I bought the song, I would still get all excited when they would play it at Flyers games. It's a great pump-up jam!