Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm still nauseous...

I had a wedding to go to on Friday night, so I didn't get to watch the game. Said wedding was in the heart of Red Sox Nation, so the Phillies/Red Sox game was on in the bar. I had no reception on my iPhone, so I couldn't even check the score that way. I didn't even get a glimpse at the score until late in the third, right before the Red Wings scored and gave me a little hope.

I got home from Red Sox nation late yesterday afternoon and had to take a nap and write a few papers. Then I had to watch the premiere of True Blood (which was kinda lame). Once all that was over, I decided to watch the last minute or so of the game. Man, I really wish I hadn't. All those Pens squealing like little girls was really annoying. And Malkin with a shit eating grin on his face was more than I could bear. Honestly, I'm not going to be able to deal with this. The Pens winning is waaaaaaay worse than the Flyers not winning. Watching it made me feel sick to my stomach. And Crosby yelling wooooweeee when he picked up the gay and annoying.



  1. We need to set up some type of support group or something.......

    I think I'd like to change my nationality before the Olympics... I can't stand the thought of actually having to cheer for the Crysob *pukes*

  2. Here is what I told my shit wearing grin Pens co-worker this morning; 'Free agency starts in three weeks and it is a whole new season, so enjoy it while you can!'

  3. Why on earth would you choose to watch the Cup ceremony, Kristin?! That's torture!

    My mom loves True Blood and talks about it so often that I thought Sookie Stackhouse was an actual person for awhile. (She's not... right?) I'm sure I'll get a full report about it the next time I call her!